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Computer Reservation System

A reservation is required for use of the computers in the Internet Express, 21st Century and Access Plus areas. Reservations can be made with a valid Cerritos Library card or a valid Cerritos Library Computer-Use Only Card.

Three computers located on stands near the Reference Desk on the second floor are available for a maximum of 15 minutes of use with no reservation required. These computers provide access to the Internet and the Library’s e-Catalog.

Verification of identity is required to receive a computer-use only card. Verification of identity may be provided by a document such as a valid driver’s license; state ID card; school or university ID card; voter’s registration card; Medicare, Medicaid, or clinic eligibility card; employer’s ID card; consulate card; or other officially issued printed photo ID card. Computer-use only cards will only be issued to patrons who do not have a Cerritos Library card.

Computer-use only cards are valid for one year from the date of issue.

Computers can be reserved on the day of use.

Users may only sign up for a reservation using their own card.

Computer reservations are available for the following amounts of time:


Monday – Friday

Saturday and Sunday

Cerritos Library Cardholders

.5 hour to 4 hours per day

.5 hour to 2 hours per day

Computer-Use Only Cardholders

.5 hour to 2 hours per day

.5 hour to 1 hour per day

A user must log into to their computer within 10 minutes of their reservation or their reservation will be forfeited, and the computer will become available for another user.

To use the computers at the Library, you must log on with your valid Cerritos Library Card number and your PIN code or your Computer & Print Card and PIN.

Registration for a free Computer & Print Card is available at the Circulation Desk on the first floor and at the Computer Help Desk (InfoStation 3) on the second floor. To apply for a card, patrons are required to present photo identification such as a driver’s license; state ID card; school or university ID card; employer’s ID card; or passport. There is a $5 fee to replace a lost Computer & Print Card, so please keep the card in a secure place. Suggestion: Take a photo of your Computer & Print Card with your phone to keep a record of the number.

If there is a vacant computer, just sit down and log on with your Cerritos Library Card and PIN or Computer & Print Card number and PIN. If the computers are all in use, go to the Computer Sign-Up Station located at the Print Center or Internet Express to reserve the next available computer.

When you are near the end of your allotted computer use time, the screen will display a 10-minute warning. At this point you should finish and save your work before time runs out. The screen will also display a 5-minute critical warning. Then the computer will automatically log you off. You will lose any unsaved work when your session closes out. Your computer will then be made available for the next patron in line. The system will not permit you to log on to a computer or reserve a computer until the next day when your allotted time resets.

The system keeps track of how much time you have used, and will allot your remaining time to you if you log in again later in the day. Be sure to log off when you have finished using the computer.

If you forget to log off, the computer will automatically log you off within 15 minutes if there’s no keyboard or mouse activity. Be sure to log off the computer when you are finished using it to ensure any remaining time you have for that day remains available to you. You are responsible for logging off the computer.

To check your session time, click on the small blue clock icon in the system tray. This is located at the bottom right corner of the screen.

 To log off, right click the Start Menu button, select “Shut down or sign out” and select “Sign out”. Please ask for assistance if you are still unsure how to log off.


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