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Computer Use and Internet Access

The Cerritos Library’s Public Computer Use and Internet Access Policy has been established to maximize the availability of the Cerritos Library’s resources and to ensure fair use by all patrons.

  • Patrons are required to review and accept the Cerritos Library Public Computer Use and Internet Access Policy to use the Library’s computers. The policy will be displayed each time a patron accesses a computer and patrons must click “Agree” to indicate their acceptance of the policy when they log on to a computer.
  • A reservation is required for use of the computers in the Internet Express, 21st Century, Business Reference and Access Plus areas. Reservations can be made with a valid Cerritos Library card or a valid Cerritos Library Computer-Use Only Card.
  • Three computers located on stands near the Reference Desk on the second floor are available for a maximum of 15 minutes of use with no reservation required. These computers provide access to the Internet and the Library’s e-Catalog.
  • Verification of identity is required to receive a computer-use only card. Verification of identity may be provided by a document such as a valid driver’s license; state ID card; school or university ID card; voter’s registration card; Medicare, Medicaid, or clinic eligibility card; employer’s ID card; consulate card; or other officially issued printed photo ID card. Computer-use only cards will only be issued to patrons who do not have a Cerritos Library card.
  • Computer-use only cards are valid for one year from the date of issue.
  • Computers can be reserved on the day of use.
  • Users may only sign up for a reservation using their own card.
  • Computer reservations are available for the following amounts of time:             


Monday – Friday

Saturday and Sunday

Cerritos Library Cardholders

.5 hour to 4 hours per day

.5 hour to 2 hours per day

Computer-Use Only Cardholders

.5 hour to 2 hours per day

.5 hour to 1 hour per day

  • A user must log into to their computer within 10 minutes of their reservation or their reservation will be forfeited, and the computer will become available for another user.
  • Computers and tablets in the Children's Library are provided for use by patrons age 12 and younger only. The Children’s Library computers and tablets are available on a first-come, first-served basis and reservations are not required.
  • Supervision and any restriction of a child’s use of the Internet is the responsibility of a parent or legal guardian. To assist parents and legal guardians with child safety on the Internet, the Library’s computers run filtering software. The software is designed to minimize minors' access to inappropriate sites or materials. The Cerritos Library’s website has pages for children that provide information and links to other websites designed for youths. Only age- and content-appropriate games may be accessed from the computers in the Children’s Library. Games with sexual or violent content may not be accessed from the computers or tablets.
  • Computers in the Teen Studio are provided for use by patrons in grades 7 through 12 and are available on a first-come, first-served basis and reservations are not required.
  • Use of the computers and tablets is self-service, although Library staff is available to help users with basic access as needed and as time permits. Library staff cannot provide in-depth training concerning the Internet or personal computer use.
  • To retain working files, users need to save their work to their own storage device before their session ends.
  • Saving files on the computer’s hard drive, installing software or games, changing computer configurations, disconnecting any computer cables, shutting off computers, damaging hardware or software and refusing to stop using the computer at the end of the session are prohibited.
  • Users may not run their own personal software on the Library’s computers.
  • Headphones are required for listening to any resource with an audio component. Users may purchase headphones from the Friends of the Library bookstore or use their own headphones.
  • The Library’s computers may not be used for unauthorized duplication or downloading of copyrighted material.
  • The City of Cerritos and Cerritos Library, including any of their officers, directors, employees, agents or affiliates, assume no responsibility for damage to users’ personal computer equipment or data files resulting from downloads from the Internet.
  • The Library’s computers may not be used for any purpose that violates federal, state or local laws.
  • Any activity that jeopardizes the Library’s ability to provide Internet access to the public is prohibited.
  • Cerritos Library has no control over the information available on the Internet and cannot be held responsible for its content. Individuals who use the Internet are responsible for evaluating the validity and appropriateness of the information they access.
  • Patrons should log off their session when they are finished using a computer.
  • The computers will automatically turn off five minutes before the Library closes.

Violation of these policies may result in loss of computer access. Unlawful activities will be reported to Library Security or the Cerritos Sheriff’s Station.

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