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Small Edens by Artist Linda Garcia-Dahle

Entrance/Main Street

Small Edens

"Painting light in all its manifestations and putting them on a canvas is what being an artists means to me. The way a deep glazing of oil color produces a depth to shadows and the light falling through them that is not easily created through other methods. I enjoy the challenge of producing color, shadow and light in their transient states when painting. I try and instill this in scenes from nature, but also personally known areas that imbue a sense of serenity, shelter, a hideaway, or a quiet place. I strive to duplicate all this in the play of light and the emotion I feel when observing it; to capture a mood as it were, and then be able to share it with the viewer. Painting is a form of sharing a part of myself with others"
- Linda Garcia-Dahle

Exhibition featured through June 28.

See samples on display.

Plastic Alchemy: Transforming Plastic Waste into Art

Local History Room

Plastic Alchemy

Artist Claudio Garzon’s sculptures are designed to provoke a re-evaluation of our plastic consumption habits and encourage the adoption of more sustainable practices. Through thought-provoking artwork, viewers are invited to reflect on the impact of plastic on the environment and consider alternative ways to reduce waste and protect our planet. Explore the transformative power of art in promoting positive change and a more sustainable future. On display through June.

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