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Student Research

Book Connections

Book Connections offers a collection of materials about books for children and teens, including a reader’s advisory tool, resources for homework help and homeschool support, summer reading and diverse book selections.


Britannica School

Britannica Online offers high-quality information, including subjects from A to Z, biographies, media (high-resolution photos of animals, plants and more, plus videos), quotations, Ebooks and primary sources, subjects and extended play videos. Research tools also include Compare Countries, This Day in History, Timelines, World Atlas and World Data Analyst.



ProQuest’s CultureGrams is a leading reference for concise and reliable cultural information on the countries of the world. In addition to facts and figures, CultureGrams delivers a one-of-a-kind perspective on daily life and culture, including background customs and lifestyles of the world’s people.


EBSCOhost MasterFILE Premier

MasterFILE Premier provides full text for nearly 1,700 magazines, 500 reference books, and primary source documents. This database also provides an image collection containing photos, maps and flags.


EBSCO Explora

Explora is an easy-to-use research tool for children and provides reliable content from the world’s leading magazines and reference books on subjects including art and music, literature, language arts, geography, history, social studies, world cultures and languages, science, technology, engineering, mathematics, health and sports. Explora’s simple search feature quickly delivers relevant results, including primary source documents, news articles and Associated Press videos. The database also offers text-to-speech for HTML articles and citation help.


Gale Archives of Sexuality & Gender

Gale Archives of Sexuality & Gender, the largest collection available in support of the study of gender and sexuality, enables scholars to make new connections in LGBTQ history and activism, cultural studies, psychology, health, political science, policy studies and other related areas of research.


Gale Novels for Students

Novels for Students provides critical overviews of novels from various cultures and time periods. The database includes discussions of plot, characters, themes and structure as well as the work's cultural and historical significance.


Gale Opposing Viewpoints in Context

Opposing Viewpoints in Context is the premier online resource covering today’s hottest social issues, from capital punishment to immigration. This cross-curricular research tool supports science, social studies, current events, and language arts classes. Its informed, differing views present each side of an issue and help students develop information literacy, critical thinking skills, and the confidence to draw their own valid conclusions.


History Reference Source

History Reference Source is an extensive resource for U.S. history and world history, and for popular searches: Ancient History of China; Everyday Life: Middle Ages; Ancient Egypt; Everyday Life: The Civil War; Everyday Life: Ancient Times; Middle East; and Everyday Life: World War II. This resource also offers a world history image collection and video encyclopedia of the 20th century, plus a dictionary, citation help, research guide and curriculum standards.


Novelist Plus

NoveList Plus is the premier database of reading recommendations. It is a comprehensive source of information about books that includes expert recommendations, reviews, articles, lists and more.


ProQuest Black Freedom Struggle in the U.S.

ProQuest's new Black Freedom Struggle in the U.S. provides expertly selected open primary source documents. Users will find historical newspaper articles, pamphlets, diaries, correspondence and more from specific time periods in U.S. history marked by the opposition African Americans have faced on the road to freedom.


Reference Solutions

Reference Solutions (formerly ReferenceUSA) has vital information on every business & consumer in the United States & Canada. It assists business executives in finding valuable sales leads, conducting market research or competitive analysis, and provides an avenue for businesses to do effective marketing & outreach. Students are able to reference this data for research projects and job seekers may find gainful employment. Reference Solutions provides data on businesses, consumers, healthcare providers, new movers & homeowners, as well as historical business information.


Scholastic Go!

Scholastic Go! includes eight encyclopedia databases: Encyclopedia Americana, Grolier Multimedia Encyclopedia, The New Book of Knowledge, La Nueva Enciclopedia Cumbre, America the Beautiful, Lands and Peoples, Amazing Animals of the World and The New Book of Popular Science. The resource offers content for students in grade 3 and higher. It also provides access to current editions of newspapers from many communities through the World Newspapers link.


Science Reference Source

Science Reference Source contains full text for hundreds of science magazines, journals, encyclopedias, reference books and a vast collection of images. Subjects include applied sciences, biology, chemistry, earth and space science, energy, environmental science, forensic science, health and medicine, history of science, life science, mathematics, physics, science and society, science as inquiry, science careers, scientists and wildlife.


School & Educators Complete

School and Educators Complete offers a foundational base of more than 12,900 ebooks for K-12 students and teachers that are available anytime and anywhere. Key topics for students include history, art, science, music, math, computers, literature, writing, religion and fiction. Teachers benefit from such subjects as common core, classroom management, curriculum planning, educational technology, tests and measurements; child development, psychology and disabilities, and more.


SIRS Discoverer

SIRS Discoverer is a general reference database providing age-appropriate, authoritative, curriculum-aligned content and features for use by students and educators in Elementary and Middle/Intermediate Schools.


SIRS Issues Researcher

SIRS® Issues Researcher offers balanced content selections from more than 2,000 international sources. Thousands of hand-selected, highly targeted newspaper and magazine articles, graphics, charts, maps, primary sources, government documents, directories, almanacs, websites and multimedia support viewpoints from the pros and cons, to everything in-between. SIRS® Issues Researcher also provides current perspectives on the arts and humanities, including dynamic information related to architecture, design, culture, literature, multimedia, music, performing arts, philosophy, religion and visual arts.



TeachingBooks is an engaging collection of resources that brings books to life, offering meet-the-author recordings, read-along audiobook performances and book trailers. TeachingBooks also provides resources for educators, including booklist and collection analysis tools and virtual teaching ideas.

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