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Programs and Services

Storytimes, Child and Teen Read Aloud, STEM activities, and arts and crafts classes for children are offered throughout the year. Information about upcoming programs and events is available on the library’s Event Calendar.

Librarians provide assistance at the Children's reference desk, which is designed to be a friendly, animated area. The desk is simply called "Help," a term that might come to a child's mind when seeking assistance or information.

The Children's area offers thousands of books. Children's books are also available in foreign languages such as Chinese, Gujarati, Hindi, Tamil, Japanese, Korean, Spanish, Tagalog, and Vietnamese.

Workstations with computers and iPads with educational apps are also available in the Children’s area.

The Children's area has a "Save the Planet" theme that is carried out through exhibits and furnishings. The entryway is framed by giant books with classic children's book titles. The flooring material at the entrance is made of vinyl with a compass rose design that helps children navigate the changing constellations featured on the room's domed ceiling. One side of the saltwater aquarium, trimmed in titanium, can be viewed from the Children's area.

As children are fascinated by dinosaurs, the area features Stan, a 40-foot-long authentic replica of a Tyrannosaurus Rex fossil. Stan towers over the Children's area and stimulates curiosity and learning about the prehistoric creatures. Stan was acquired from the Black Hills Institute of South Dakota.

A lighthouse, rainforest tree, space shuttle and geologic time line are also exhibited in the Children's area. The rainforest tree teaches youths about the environment, the healing properties found in the rain forest and the need to preserve natural resources. Children may also find a comfortable place to sit and read under the tree.

The 1/8 scale model of the Space Shuttle called "Spirit of Cerritos" inspires children to consider the future of space travel.

The "Wetlands" computer workstation area offers Internet access through a portal of safe sites for kids. Also in this area are interactive and educational CD-ROM products on topics such as math and geography.

The Children's area also has a Little Theater and Arts Studio. The little theater's entrance has a water bubbler and mural depicting the earth's delicate balance. The Arts Studio has a mural depicting elephants and trees and a vinyl floor that resembles a pool of water.

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