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COMING SOON! Seed Library will launch in April 2024.

View seed labels with details and planting instructions.

Cerritos Library patrons are invited to check out seeds from our new Seed Library. The Seed Library allows patrons to check out seeds for native California plants such as wildflowers, sunflowers and a pollinator mix of flowers. A variety of vegetable, fruit, and herb seeds will be available. We hope that this seed library will support community members' efforts to live healthier, sustainable lifestyles.

Seed Library use:

Seeds can be acquired by visiting the Library during regular business hours. The Seed Library is located near the Circulation Desk. Patrons may checkout up to four seed packets per month. Patrons may keep the seeds and packets and do not have to return any items to the Library. Seeds can be checked out by any patron aged 13 or older.

The project is supported in whole or in part by the U.S. Institute of Museum and Library Services under the provisions of the Library Services and Technology Act, administered by the California State Librarian.

Select the name of the seed to view label with details and planting instructions:


African Marigold - Crackerjack Mix

Anise - Pimpinella Anisum


Basil – Cinnamon

Basil – Genovese

Basil – Large Italian

Basil – Lemon

Basil – Purple Dark Opal

Basil – Red Rubin

Basil – Siam Queen

Basil – Thai

Beans – Bush Tendergreen

Beans – Contender

Beans – Lima Henderson

Beans – Pole Bean Kentucky Wonder

Beet – Detroit Dark Red

Black Eyed Susan

Bok Choy – Shanghai

Bok Choy – White Stem Chinese Cabbage

Broccoli -  Waltham 29X1

Brussel Sprouts – Long Island Improved

Cabbage – Copenhagen Market Early

Cabbage – Golden Acre

Cabbage – Red Acre

California Poppy

Canna Lilly

Cantaloupe – Hales Best Jumbo

Carrot – Kaleidoscope Blend

Carrot – Scarlet Nantes


Cauliflower – Snowball Y Improved

Celery – UT 52 - 70

Chamomile – German

Chamomile – Roman


Chives – Onion

Chrysanthemum – Shasta Daisy

Cilantro – American Long Standing

Cilantro – Leisure

Corn – Early Bantam

Corn – Golden Bantam

Cucumber - Japanese

Cucumber – Marketmore 76

Cumin – Cuminum Cyminum

Dill - Bouquet

Dill – Dukat

Dill – Mammoth Long Island

Echinacea – Purple Coneflower


Eggplant – Japanese Pickling Eggplant

Honeydew – Green Flesh Melon

Kale – Dwarf Siberian Improved

Kale – Vates Blue Scotch Curled

Kohlrabi – Purple Vienna


Lemon Balm

Lettuce - Black Seeded Simpson

Lettuce – Buttercrunch

Lettuce – Grand Rapids TBR

Lettuce – Great Lakes 659

Lettuce – Iceberg

Lettuce – Oakleaf Red

Lettuce – Red Salad Bowl

Lettuce – Romaine Cimmaron

Lettuce – Romaine Parris Island Cos

Lettuce – Waldmann’s Green


Marigold – Crackerjack

Melon – Yellow Canary

Michihili – Chinese Cabbage

Milkweed – Showy


Okra – Clemson Spineless

Onion – Tokyo Long White Bunching

Onion – Walla Walla

Oregano – Italian

Parsley – Italian Flat Leaf

Parsley – Triple Curled

Parsnip – Harris Model

Peas – Snap Sugar Daddy

Peas – Snow Peas Dwarf Sugar Grey

Peas – Sugar Daddy Snap Peas

Peas – Sugar Snap


Peppers –Anaheim

Peppers – Bell Pepper Sweet California Wonder

Peppers - Cayenne

Peppers – Cubanelle

Peppers – Hungarian Hot Wax

Peppers – Jalapeno M

Peppers – Jalapeno Tam

Peppers – Serrano

Peppers – Yellow Habanero

Pumpkin – Jack O’ Lantern

Pumpkin – Sugar Pie

Radish – Cherry Belle

Radish – French Breakfast


Sage – Broad Leaved

Sage – Salvia

Spinach – Bloomsdale

Squash – Delicata

Squash – Spaghetti Winter

Squash – Summer Crookneck

Squash – Winter Waltham Butternut

Summer Savory

Sunflower – Crazy Blend

Sunflower – Mammoth Grey Stripe

Sweet Peas – Old Spice Mix

Swiss Chard – Fordhook Giant


Thyme - Winter

Tomatillo – Grande Rio Verde

Tomato – Black Krim

Tomato – Cherokee Purple

Tomato – Kellogg’s Breakfast

Tomato – Large Cherry

Tomato – Marglobe

Tomato – Ponderosa Pink

Tomato – Rio Grande

Tomato – Roma VF

Tomato – San Marzano

Tomato – Yellow Brandywine

Tomato – Yellow Pear

Turnip - Purple Top White Globe

Watermelon – Crimson Sweet

Watermelon – Sugar Baby

Wild Bergamot

Wildflowers – Hummingbird and Butterfly

Wildflowers – Save the Bees Seed Collection

Wildflowers –Southwest Mix

Wildflowers – Western Mix

Yarrow – Western

Zucchini – Black Beauty







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