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Checkout Policies

Cerritos Library cards can only be used by the cardholder to checkout materials and are not transferable. This restriction includes family members.

Each patron is responsible for the material checked out on their library card.

Patrons must be age 13 or older to check out Blu-Ray discs and DVDs.

Checkout Limits and Loan Periods

Holds and Interlibrary Loans

Lost or Damaged Materials

Overdue Fines

Returning Library Materials


Returning Library Materials

Checkout Limits and Loan Periods

A total of 25 items can be checked out at a time.

A total of five items on a particular subject can be checked out at a time.

Items can be renewed once (except for California State Parks Passes and instructional DVDs), if there is not a hold on the material.


Checkout Limit

Loan Period

Blu-ray discs/DVDs checkout limit


Seven days

Books on CD checkout limit


21 days

California State Parks Pass


14 days; renewal is not available

CDs checkout limit


21 days

Encyclopedias checkout limit


21 days

Instructional DVDs


21 days; renewal is not available

Holds and Interlibrary Loans

The catalog displays a “Request” link when an item is checked out. The item can be placed on hold by selecting the Request link and entering your Cerritos Library account/card information. Please note that books placed on hold can only be checked out by the cardholder. DVDS and Blu-Ray discs cannot be placed on hold.

Interlibrary loans and California State Parks Passes must be returned inside the Cerritos Library and may not be placed in an external bookdrop.

Hold/Interlibrary Loan Limit – 4 items

Interlibrary Loan for non-Cerritos residents fee - $3

Failure to pick up Interlibrary Loan fee - $3

Returning Interlibrary Loans in Bookdrop fee - $2

Failure to pick up a hold or cancel a hold request by the expiration date fee - $.50

Lost or Damaged Material Fees

Please call the Cerritos Library at (562) 916-1340 if an item you checked out has prior damage, so we can add a note to your account.

Patrons are required to pay the Cerritos Library the quoted price for each library item that he or she has lost. In addition, a $5 processing fee is charged for each lost item. Both the price of the book and the processing fee are non-refundable. No overdue fines are charged on lost or damaged material.

The cardholder is billed for an item once it has reached the maximum days overdue.

The cost of the item, plus a $5 processing fee, is added to the cardholder’s account.

Patrons must pay the quoted price for the item plus the $5 processing fee.

Replacement copies for items are not accepted.



Maximum Overdue Days


67 Days


10 Days

Instructional DVD

10 Days

Overdue Fines

All Cerritos Library materials (except Blu-ray discs, DVDs and the California State Library Parks Pass) - $.15 per day

All Blu-ray discs or DVDs - $2 per day

California State Library Parks Pass - $1 per day

The total amount of fines on a Cerritos Library account must be less than $5 to check out materials with the card. Overdue and late fines are calculated on a daily basis, including the day of return.


All items, except instructional DVDs and the California State Library Parks Pass, are renewable one time unless the item is placed on hold by another patron.

Renewals on inter-library loans are at the discretion of the lending library.

Items may be renewed by telephone by calling (562) 916-1340, in person or online at by logging into My Account.

Provide your library card number to renew items over the phone.

Provide your library card when renewing items in person.

Returning Library Materials

Cerritos Library materials may be returned inside the library, or at the bookdrops in the following locations:

  • Cerritos Civic Center, Bloomfield Avenue at 183rd Street, southwest corner of the parking lot
  • Cerritos Park East, 13234 E. 166th Street
  • Liberty Park, 19211 Studebaker Road

Audio-visual materials, such as Books on CD, DVDs and Blu-ray discs may be returned in any outside bookdrop.

If you would like to check out materials the same day that you are returning items, please bring the items you are returning inside the library and do not place them in an outside bookdrop.

Cerritos Civic Center Bookdrop

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