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Library Cards

Cerritos Library Cards

A Cerritos Library card is available without charge to anyone who:

  • Lives in Cerritos
  • Owns property in Cerritos
  • Attends school in Cerritos
  • Works in Cerritos
  • Works for the ABC Unified School District or for Cerritos College
  • Is a current student at ABC Unified School District, Bellflower Unified School District or Cerritos College
  • Is currently staying at the Cerritos Sheraton
  • Is an active military personnel who are permanent or temporary residents of California.

Those who do not qualify for a free library card may purchase a card for $150 per year.

Application Requirements

To obtain or renew a Cerritos Library card, please provide the following information:

  • Valid California Driver’s License with current address, or
  • Valid California I.D. Card with current address

In addition, ONE of the following forms of identification is required:

  • Utility bill (postmarked within 60 days)
  • Rent receipt, escrow papers or property tax bill (postmarked within 60 days)
  • Credit card statement or bank statement (postmarked within 60 days)
  • Car registration (postmarked within 60 days)

Both items of identification must include your name and show the same address. Please note that we cannot accept a mailing address or P.O. Box as proof of residency. Patrons must be present to initiate all library card transactions.

Additional information required from patron whose California Driver's License does not show his or her current address:

  • Two additional forms of identification showing current address (as listed in section above, postmarked within 60 days)


Additional information required for minors to obtain a card:

For minors to obtain a Cerritos Library card, his or her parent’s information from the above section is required.

Parent or legal guardian's signature is required on registration form if younger than 18.


Additional information required from non-resident employed in Cerritos:

  • Current check stub with company name and address or currently dated letter from employer on company letterhead (with Cerritos address) verifying employment
  • Current business license for Cerritos business owners


Additional information required from student attending school in ABC Unified School District, Bellflower Unified School District or Cerritos College:

  • Current enrollment card, current Student Data Printout Sheet or current school I.D.
  • Current semester sticker on school I.D. is required for Cerritos College
  • ABC Adult School I.D. in addition to current semester class schedule printout
  • For ROP students, school or training site must be located in Cerritos


Additional information required from employees of ABC Unified School District/Cerritos College:

  • Current check stub


Additional information required from person who owns property in Cerritos:

  • Proof of ownership, such as property tax statement, grant deed or escrow papers. Only individuals listed on ownership papers qualify for a free library card


Additional Information required from active duty military personnel:

  • Active Duty military ID


Additional information required from people who are staying at the Cerritos Sheraton Hotel:

  • Current hotel confirmation with guest's name


Notes to cardholders:

  • You are responsible for all library materials issued on this card.
  • This card is for authorized use only by the cardholder.
  • The library is not responsible for lost, stolen, or damaged cards.
  • Please report loss, theft, or name/address change immediately.

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