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Claudia Moniz

Book art image


Illustrated using a zinc plate etching that was scanned and printed, Eye is an accordion fold book that opens to reveal red chine-collé (tissue paper) as a stark contrast to its black and white exterior.

Artist Claudia Moniz said: "This is the first book which ignited my interest in how the subject of a book can somehow be conveyed in its physical form. The image in Eye is taken from an etching I did. I wanted to explore how I could capture the 'layering' of peacock feathers in a physical book form. However, I did not want my interpretation to be too literal. I separated my etching into different segments so when the person views the book initially, they are unable to tell what it is. However, once they start turning the pages, each black page connects with each red page to form a part of the peacock 'Eye.'"

Press: Constructed by the Artist
Date: 2005
Number and Edition: 9 of 20
Size: 5.5” x 7.25”



Book art image

The Story of Sebastian and Amelia

A flag structure and a vertical accordion structure combine to tell both sides of this story of a doomed friendship between a spider and a young girl. The text is printed on the center folds of the accordion, while the images surround it on flags on the other two sides.

The extensive illustrations were first photographed on 35mm film and then developed, scanned and printed on Somerset Soft White paper. The book also includes embossed Heritage and Fabriano inlay papers. The boards are covered with black and gray paper, and black leather ties are used to keep the book closed. 

Press: Constructed by the Artist
Date: 2005
Number and Edition: 4 of 5
Size: 4.4” x 8.25”


Book art image


This long, narrow accordion fold book presents a travelogue with mysterious and slightly quirky characters. The piece was illustrated with 35mm film that was developed, scanned and printed on Natural paper pasted to black paper boards.

Artist Claudia Moniz said: “The basic idea behind this book focuses on the method of traveling through London by Tube, train and bus. From my own travels, I began to notice that the very basis of traveling consisted of lines and boxes. The lines are the routes that the vehicles undertake, going through one end of London to the other. And the boxes are the windows, with which the passengers peer through."

Press: Constructed by the Artist
Date: 2005
Number and Edition: 3 of 4
Size: 10.9” x 2.4”

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