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Nikki Thompson

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Love Poems

In this book, six prose poems are housed in an elaborately engineered structure that opens and closes progressively to reveal another layer beneath. Each poem is an eight-fold book printed on vellum and sewn to steel wire, which is sewn to an accordion structure designed by Kumi Korf. The text is accompanied by original illustrations, which are revealed to the reader through cut-outs.

Artist Nikki Thompson said: “As an artist I condense, until I've pared away all the excess, and only disjuncture and abstraction are left. When the artist gives the reader the flesh of the work, there are no hidden places to explore, no questions to ask, no connections to make. Both my working process and my artists’ books consist of layers and layers that must be picked at, like the leaves of an artichoke with a heart at the center.”

Press: Deconstructed Artichoke Press
Date: 2002
Number and Edition: 20 of 20
Size: 11.5” x 13.875”

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