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Emily Martin

Book art image

In One Ear: a three part story

Emily Martin created this pop-up accordion fold book that tells the story of how a mother and her two daughters each recounted their memory of how the younger child became deaf. Each story reads across part of the page and is printed in a different color. The story of Emily, the child whose eardrum was shattered, is designed to pop-out to the reader, leaving the other stories to run through the valleys of the pages. Simple production techniques, including the use of computer printing and commercial papers, belie the complexity of the structure and the gentle nature of the storytelling.

Press: Naughty Dog Press
Date: Undated
Number and Edition: Unnumbered of Unnumbered
Size: 8.5” x 5”


Book art image

Mutually Exclusive

Emily Martin created this letterpress printed set of five magic wallets in response to the events of September 11. They address the cacophony of news reports, emotions, analysis and opinions (expert and otherwise) that follow in the wake of any major news event. Using the magic wallet format, the book’s panels flip back and forth to reveal two opposing statements that reflect the slipperiness of forging a personal philosophy. The wallets are contained in a Japanese box wrapper with bone clasps made by Rosa Guilmarae.

Press: Naughty Dog Press
Date: 2002
Number and Edition: 33 of 50
Size: 6” x 4”


Book art image

My Twelve Steps

Emily Martin created these 12 steps for the recovering enabler. Twelve declarations, each beginning with the words “you can’t” draw a line in the sand and raise the speaker out of co-dependent patterns. The piece is a visually interesting book and a sly commentary on the popular self-help movement.

The pop-up book, printed using letterpress on cream-colored heavyweight paper, opens up to produce a staircase containing words to live by. The case is bound with flax and moriki paper over acid-free binder board. Bamboo and cotton pull cords with bead stops are used to close the book.

Press: Naughty Dog Press
Date: 1997
Number and Edition: 47 of 100
Size: 6” x 6”


Book art image

The Peacock’s Complaint

This color Xerox book of images and text chronicles a long-lasting friendship. The title side of the fan has peacock feathers, while the other side features drawings and text. The fan is fully reversible and shows two friends swapping roles with each other. The book is constructed of cardstock, fastened at the base with an aluminum post screw and at the top with cotton thread.

Artist Emily Martin said: “My work most often is with book forms. I have an ongoing interest in the artists’ book as a container of content but also as a sculptural object. I like the complexity that working with books allows, the materials, the forms, the content all working together.”

Press: Naughty Dog Press
Date: 2000
Number and Edition: 35 of 50
Size: 7.5” x 4”

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