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Robert Walp

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The Crane Wife

This traditional Japanese folk tale, told in many ways and in many cultures, is a story of love and greed. Hiroshi, a poor man, rescues a crane from a trap. In a few days a young woman, Keiko, appears at his door. Eventually they are married and are happy. But Hiroshi begins to regret his poor state because he wanted to purchase pretty things for Keiko. She decides to weave a beautiful cloth which he sells for more money than he ever thought possible. As greed sets in, he pushes Keiko to weave more, but the more she weaves the weaker she becomes. Eventually she flies out of his life.

The Crane Wife was printed on a letterpress on Hahnemühle Gutenberg paper and case bound in paste paper covered boards.

Press: Chester Creek Press
Date: 2004
Number and Edition: Unnumbered of 35
Size: 5.5” x 6”

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