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Pia Pizzo

Book art image

Holy Sound of Love

Holy Sound of Love features cut-out geometric shapes, including circles, triangles, squares and rectangles that reveal numerous layers of meaning and bring the viewer deeper into the book. Papier d’Arches and Japanese rice paper were used for the majority of the piece, and gold leaf and bright red papers were used to accent the last pages. The mystical word “Om” is written in near microscopic hand-lettering to form a large centerpiece on the last pages. Undecipherable text, created with small pinholes and tears resembling Braille, adds to the mystery.

Artist Pia Pizzo said: “Since the early seventies my research has led me to a continual exploration of the book as art form. In my books or pages the tactile values of materials are found in each and every sheet of paper that is torn and worked upon with such patient care so as to lay bare the innermost fibers, to feel its textures, its porosity, the very tissue of its surface.”

Press: Constructed by the Artist
Date: 1994
Number and Edition: 1 of 1
Size: 24” x 14”

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