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Maryann Riker

Book art image

Boy’s Toys

The first page of Boy’s Toys opens to reveal covered boards with images from popular magazines for boys published in the 1920s. A small mirror reflects the image of the reader, while a large cut-out square contains the photograph of a baby printed on acetate. The center of the structure contains small wooden blocks, wooden and metal toys, and 1920s paper. A toy train sits on a platform halfway up the inner spine. The back page and cover feature an acetate print of a stuffed toy cat driving a race car.

Artist Maryann Riker was born and raised in western New Jersey. She studied art and received an undergraduate degree from Moravian College, and graduate degrees from Montclair State University and Vermont College.

Press: Justarip Press
Date: 2005
Number and Edition: 1 of 1
Size: 5” x 7” x 2.5”


Book art image

The Seeker

Held closed with a thin gold-colored wooden pin, The Seeker opens to reveal a three-dimensional illustration featuring colorful handmade papers, a hanging crystal, feathers, strands of silver beads and a small sculptured floor lamp. Old maps of the state of Delaware, mirrors and a prominent opalescent snail shell add to the decoration. The outside of the box is marbled and adorned with paper decoupage.

Artist Maryann Riker said: "For the past several years my work has centered on a personal exploration of my relationships with my mother and my aunt who were early feminists. I have also researched how the media influenced the American family and the American suburbs in the post-war era. I internalized this research and the resulting body of work is the visual narrative."

Press: Justarip Press
Date: 2006
Number and Edition: 1 of 1
Size: 4.575” x 7.75” x 4.75”

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